ABHT offers structural design and consulting services including, but not limited to, the following:

- We provide structural services on all types of new and remodeled commercial projects including seismic retrofits. Our experience with a wide variety of building types and materials allows us to provide our clients a high level of service.

SUSTAINABLE – Our experience on a multitude of LEED certified projects has given us the experience and understanding of the structural implications associated with implementing sustainable features into buildings.

RESIDENTIAL – We work with architects, designers, contractors and owners on new or remodeled custom residential projects.

BIDDER DESIGN – We work with contractors on a wide variety of bidder design work including excavation shoring, retaining walls, stairs, guardrails, awnings and canopies, artwork and signage support, MEP equipment bracing, etc.

EVALUATIONS AND REPORTS – We have performed seismic evaluations and due diligence reports for buildings of all types.